Ames Street Names

Ames Streets Renamed
Original Name       Present Name
Agate Street
Beech Avenue
Boone Street
Broad Street
Charles Street
Chautauqua Avenue
Cleveland Street
College Avenue
College Street
Fayette Street
Grand Boulevard
Grant Street
Hanover Street
Hoggatt Street
Iowa Street
Jackson Street
Lincoln Avenue
Lincoln Street
North Street
Onondaga Street
Park Street
Pearl Street
Pike Street
Ridge Street
State Street
Stevens Street
Story Street
Swamp Street
Sycamore Street
Templeton Street
Woodford Street
      12th Street
Beach Avenue
Lincoln Way
Sheldon Avenue
15th Street
Ridgewood Avenue
2nd Street
West Street
7th Street
11th Street
4th Street
South 2nd Street
3rd Street East
Grand Avenue
6th Street
South 3rd Street
Wilson Avenue
2nd Street East
13th Street
Main Street
14th Street
10th Street
Sheldon Avenue
Stanton Avenue
8th Street
3rd Street
5th Street
Lynn Avenue
9th Street
16th Street
Wood Street
This article asking for Onondaga Street to be renamed Main Street appeared in The Ames Times on February 3, 1910.  The Ames city council did take action on March 30 of the same year, and new names for many Ames streets became official when the ordinance was published on March 31, 1910.

Ames streets shown on a plat map from the
1875 Andreas' illustrated historical atlas of the State of Iowa


Ames street names shown on the map in the
1905 Students' Directory, Iowa State College

1905 Campustown street names - click to enlarge

This map of the ISC campustown area is from the
1905 Students' Directory, Iowa State College
(private collection of Don Faas)

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Campus Streets Named for People

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