Beardshear School

Beardshear School  (1903 to 1973) was named for the 6th President of Iowa Agricultural College (now ISU) , William Beardshear.  It was located on the Northeast side of the intersection of 9th and Carroll.  It was raised in 1977 to make room for Wilson-Beardshear School  (1977-2009) which served special needs kids.  After sitting empty for several years it was sold to Ames Community Play School.  A day care/pre school facility knows as ACPC.

1946-1947 Beardshear Kindergarten Class

Eloise Derse & Mary Swzaringen, teachers

Linda Burton
Delores Brown
Susan Thompson
Ruth Rhodes
Janice Weeks
Carol Tice
Sandra McIntosh
Margaret Gibbs
Jerry Perkins
Geraldine Rock
Julie McGuire
Mike Reese
Jimmy McCullough
Mike Taft
James Ayers
James Nibe
Larry Erickson
Nicky Nolte
Benny Cox
Benny Mell
George Streeter
Jay Simser
Dennis Wendell
Dickie Gernes
Skip Owen
Willie Mosness
Patty Johnson
Neal Tarman