Clearview School

Recollections of Clearview School by Margaret Mae Gross




By C.J. Dutch Gross  (1897-1964)
Owner and operator of the 
Lone Pine Dairy south of Ames

We’ll now read a verse
Consistently terse
Concerning our neighbors and friends.
Some fun we will poke
At all the men-folk
And hope it will give you the bends.

Should anyone cry
If we pass him by
We hope he won’t start,
Of course, it’s all fun.
We hope everyone
Pointed out will laugh at his part.

There’s a Larson called Roy
Just a good-natured boy.
Runs a dairy down in the dell.
Gunder Overland’s station
Advertised o’er the nation
You may camp or go golfing as well.

Now take Warren Zenor
He’s surely a beaner.
His clowning will never cease
Thanksgiving or Xmas.
Just call up his Mrs.
She’ll dress you some turkey or geese.

There’s Eugene Kinyon
Never passed an opinion
Without consulting his wife.
His son Neal is younger
But not any stronger
And seeks a short partner for life.

Charlie Van Patter
Can’t get any fatter
By feasting on candy and sweets.
Bud sure is handy
Does well with candy
And don’t give a kick what he eats.

Mr. Guy Dodds
Will bet you long odds
And trade you a horse on the side.
Mr. Jim Lange
Don’t give a hang
If the river never raises its tide.

They say Floyd Kelley
Raises perfume that’s smelly
When he calls his sweetie at night.
And Laverne Elding
Don’t ride on a gelding,
He rides in a flivver – that’s right.

Bob McColly, that’s true 
Has much to do.
So he needs some help with his chores.
This Miller called Del
Good stories can tell,
But soon he won’t be here no more.

Then there’s Mr. Cadman
Works like a madman
And lives close to his neighbor Vic.
Now, Riley has talent
Is handsome and gallant.
And lets a kind word do the trick.