Lincoln Highway: Ames High School Field House

In 1912 Hans J. Hansen built an open public auditorium, often called the Ames Chautauqua building, on the edge of the city cemetery.  In 1927 when the Chautauqua touring programs ceased, this structure was moved to Grand and Lincoln Way and was enclosed.  It was then known as the Ames High Field House until 1962, when new high school was built at 20th and Ridgewood with new athletic facilities. The Field House was razed in 1965 when the Lincoln Center shopping area was developed.

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Field house floor plan

Skating for Health and Fun is advertised in the 1945 Ames phone book at Dad and Mom Carr's Roller Rink at 530 Lincoln Way.  This was also the Ames High Field House.  The High School stadium was located nearby, where the Lincoln Plaza now stands. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

Skunk River Steel Bridge

This 1962 photo of the Ames High School fieldhouse shows signs for Iowa Highway 30 and Iowa Highway 69. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)