Lincoln Highway: Lincoln Way and Safford Cottages

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Lincoln Way Cottage and Safford Cottage stood near Welch and Roberts dormitories on the north side of the Lincoln Highway.  Lincoln Way Cottage was located at 2123, the second lot east of Knoll Road, and was built for the widowed Mrs. Beardshear in 1903.  She sold the home to Iowa State College in 1914 for $8,000, and after remodeling it became known as East Hall Annex, a residence hall for women from 1915 until 1921.  During 1918 it was also an emergency hospital for women.  The structure began to be called Lincoln Way Cottage in 1919.  The Sloss family used it as a residence in 1925, and until 1944 it was used for different student groups or as a tenant house.  At that point it served as housing for residence hall employees until it was razed in 1973. (Private Collection of Howard Thiel)

Also built in 1903, Safford House was constructed as a residence for Professor B.H. Hibbard just east of Mrs. Beardshear's house.  This location was about 200 feet west of the present Linden Hall.  Miss Ruth B. Safford, English instructor, purchased the house in 1912 and in 1923, sold it and the garage to the college for $5700.  It was moved to Ag 450 Farm in 1958.  In the 1914 photo above, the Briley's grocery delivery truck is seen heading east towards the Squaw Creek area on the muddy road which would this year be renamed Lincoln Way (formerly Boone Street). (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)