Lincoln Highway: Lynn Avenue Intersection

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This photo from around 1914 looks east along the Lincoln Highway from where Lynn Avenue is today.  The large house  on the right was a rooming house.  The grey house near the Ash Avenue crossing was called the Ash House. (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

This photo, also from 1914, shows several houses up the hill on Ash Street. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

This photo from about 1925 shows the Lynn Avenue and Lincoln Way intersection looking north toward campus.  The unusual double intersection caused safety and traffic problems which lead to the redesigning of the intersection in the mid-1930s.  Beardshear, Stanton Memorial Carillon, and the Carpenter Shop (formerly the Veterinary Hospital) are visible on campus.  The interurban track crosses the intersection in the center of the photo. (University Archives, Iowa State University)

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This shows a similar view in 1935 after the Lynn Avenue crossing was straightened. Notice there are three houses on the right. The closest was originally built as the Gamma Phi Sorority house.  The Ash House is now white.  (University Archives, Iowa State University)

College Creek bridge (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

These photos look west at the same intersection of Lynn and Lincoln Way.  Lincoln Way is in the process of being widened. (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

This 1990s photo shows the same general scene as the 1935 photo above, but from a viewpoint a bit closer to the Ash Avenue interesection.  St. Thomas Aquinas Church has taken the place of the two large houses at the corner, but the Ash House is still visible (although it has since been demolished since this photo was taken). (Private Collection of Margaret Elbert)

This photo looks west along the Lincoln Highway at the Lynn Avenue intersection. (Private Collection of Margaret Elbert)