Lincoln Highway: The Maples - Music Hall

The Maples

The second professor's home built on campus (1863) was first occupied by mathematics Professor George W. Jones.  Edgar W. Stanton lived with Jones's family while they lived in the house, and from 1879 to Stanton's death in 1920 the home was known as the Stanton House. The house was remodeled and enlarged in 1899. After her husband's death, Mrs. Stanton continued to live in the house, and when she started a tea room in 1922, the home became known as The Maples.  The music department moved into the house in 1928, and the house became known as Music Hall.  This house overlooking Lake LaVerne became the department headquarters until the house was torn down in 1978 for the new music building that was constructed on the same site. (Photo by Fred Cerwick)

This 1885 view of campus shows the Stanton House (later The Maples) to the right of Old Main in a position where later it would overlook Lake LaVerne.  The Mechanics Lab and Foundry and Forge Shop buildings are visible to the left of the photo.  College Creek and Boone Street (later Lincoln Way) can be seen in the center of the image. (Private Collection of the Morrison family)

The Stanton House is seen in the left foreground in this 1911 photo from the ISC yearbook.  Also visible is Marston Water Tower, Beardshear Hall, the campus railroad depot, and Morrill Hall.