Lincoln Highway: Sheldon Avenue Corner

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1918 postcard showing Clyde Williams Stadium

Just west of Iowa State College, Lincoln Way turned north on what would later be called Sheldon Avenue.  This 1919 photo shows Clyde Williams Stadium with streetcar tracks running next to the street.  This street was finally paved in 1921.  (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

The stadium was built in 1914 and 1915 by the Turner Improvement Company and had additions and remodeling in 1925, 1930, 1932, 1961, and 1966.  It was razed in 1978.  (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

Similar to the photo above, this image shows the process of upgrading the road surface facing south towards Lincoln Way.  The Lincoln Apartments are visible on the right. (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

East of Sheldon

 This photo looks east on Lincoln Way at the Sheldon intersection.  Lincoln Way is being widened. (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

This image facing east shows the Dairy King at the corner of Sheldon and Lincoln Way in the late 1950s.  The stadium is not quite visible on the left.  (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)