Lincoln Highway: Welch Avenue Intersection

This 1924 photo looks north over the College Creek bridge from Lincoln Way.  The YMCA building (Alumni Hall) and Beardshear Hall are visible.  (University Archives, Iowa State University)

This 1909 photo looks south across Boone Street (after 1914, Lincoln Way) at Welch Avenue.  The Champlin Livery barn and the new brick Champlin Building is visible on the left of Welch.  The large white two story structure with two pillars on the west side of Welch hill is the old Beta Fraternity house which was torn down in the 1980s.  (image courtesy of Dee Dreeszen)

This is a 1915 photo of about the same area pictured above.  Champlin's barn is clearly seen at left of center, and across Welch west from the brick Champlin Building is now another brick structure.  At this time, these two were the only brick buildings in campustown.  (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

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This 1950 era picture shows campustown's two original brick buildings straddling Welch Avenue.  The old Champlin Building is in the photo center.

Similar to the image above, this photo from about 1963 shows the Lincoln Highway heading east from the Welch Avenue intersection. (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)