Oslund Drug Store

Oslund Drug, 308 Main Street

OSLUND'S OFFERS MANY SERVICES TO AMES TRADE AREA - With the most years of pharmaceutical experience in downtown Ames, Oslund's Drug store has served the people of this trade area for nine years.  The home-owned drug store features one of the most complete prescription departments in central Iowa, the largest stock of farm veterinary supplies and a good cosmetic section.

Experienced in the usage of all chemical and medical needs of veterinary supplies for farmers in the Ames trade area, Oslund's stocks the most varied and complete line of veterinary instruments, medicines and vaccines in central Iowa.  Oslund's publishes a 32 page catalog of veterinary items in stock for 5,000 farmers within the Ames trade area.  This catalog will be ready for spring distribution within the next week.  Besides the general veterinary supplies, Oslund's also carries a stock of all the latest weed killers and insecticides.

Oslund's has two experienced pharmacists on duty at all times, and gives customers a 24-hour phone service on filling prescriptions as well as free delivery.  Using the most accurate equipment for compounding prescriptions, Oslund's always has every new medicine that comes on the market in stock.

Art Oslund, who established the drug store, has been a registered pharmacist for 19 years, while Harry Clausen was registered in 1917.  As a special service, Oslund's serves free coffee to people while they are waiting for their prescriptions to be filled.

Oslund's complete cosmetic department is supervised by Mrs. Peg Bowman, a trained, experienced cometician.  In its vast stock of cosmetics and toiletries are found the most famous name lines of beauty care in the country: Helena Rubenstein, Max Factor, Richard Hudnut, Dermetics (hypo-allergetic) Coty, Revlon, Yardley, Shulton and Tussy.

Besides these three major departments, Oslund's also has a daily lunch counter and booths, a tobacco counter, and magazine section.  Everything needed for the care and feeding of infants also is to be found in Oslund's complete baby section as well as gift items for infants and children.  The drug store also carries a large selection of vitamins, bandages, tape and a hundred and one items often needed in an emergency.

Each month Oslund's runs a special promotional sale with unusual things offered with purchases.  The next sale will feature the giving of two tropical fish with every purchase of $2 or more.  In the past, one sale featured orchids, and plans for the future include gifts of scissors.

With Easter approaching, Easter cards can be found in the large selection of greeting cards to be found at Oslund's as well as candy and Easter eggs supplies.

Oslund's main objective is to give the best possible drug service, along with quality merchandise, to the people of the Ames trade area.