Stoner Tourist Camp

H. S. Stoner constructed a “tourist camp” behind his home in 1930 to accommodate the needs of the increasing number of highway travelers coming through Ames.  Located at 232 South Duff, the cabins were purchased in 1945 by Bayard Lodden and were later restructured as the Walnut Motel.  This photo faces east northeast and looks across Duff Avenue from South 3rd Street.


Ames Daily Tribune Times, April 29, 1930

H.S. Stoner, 232 South Duff avenue, Ames, has been granted permission to erect a tourist court in the rear of his home.  The court will cost approximately $1,000 and will contain individual cabins.  The house will be used as an office.


Ames Daily Tribune Times, June 6, 1935

Four building permits totaling $2,900 were granted this week by City Manager John ames.  This brings the total for June to $10,400...

H.S. Stoner will construct a two-cabin tourist building at 232 South Duff avenue, 12 by 20 feet, to cost $400.


Ames Daily Tribune, June 9, 1945

Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Lodden today announced the purchase of the Stoner Tourist Camp at 232 South Duff from W.B. Stoner.  The camp has been operated by the Stoner family for the past 20 years .  Lodden, a member of the City Fire Department for the past 15 years, said that Mrs. Lodden would actively manage the camp while he will retain his position on the fire department.  The camp consists of eight cabins located on a block of ground, with space available for trailer houses.


  • 1930-1944 - Stoner Tourist Camp (H.S. Stoner)
  • 1945-1950 - Lodden Cabins (Bayard J. Lodden)
  • 1951-1957 - Lodden Motel (Bayard J. Lodden)

AAA Approved, 9 New Modern Units, Air Foam Mattresses, Automatic Heat, Television, "Quietest Motel in Town", 2 Blocks South of Jct. 69 & 30

  • 1958 - Lodden Motel (F. S. Garrett)
  • 1959 - Walnut Motel (F. S. Garrett)
  • 1961-1966 - Walnut Motel (Gertrude A. Chavis)
  • 1966-1969 - Walnut Motel (Robert C. Towns)
  • 1970-1979 - Walnut Motel (Samuel and Darlene Doty)

On US 30 and 69, Color TV, Room Phones, Carpeting, Central Heating, Air Conditioned Units

  • 1980-1982 - Walnut Motel - (Terrence G. Tuttle)
  • 1983 - House and motel vacant
  • 1984 - 12 apartments
  • 1985 - Vacant
  • 1986 - Jiffy Lube