Rationed Goods in the USA During the Second World War

A wide variety of commodities were rationed during World War II in the United States.
Rationing ended when supplies were sufficient to meet demand.

Rationed Items Rationing Duration
Fuel Oil & Kerosene
Solid Fuels
January 1942 to December 1945
February 1942 to October 1945
July 1942 to September 1945
May 1942 to August 1945
October 1942 to August 1945
September 1943 to August 1945
December 1942 to August 1945
Rubber Footwear
October 1942 to September 1945
February 1943 to October 1945
Processed Foods
Meats, canned fish
Cheese, canned milk, fats
May 1942 to 1947
November 1942 to July 1943
March 1943 to August 1945
March 1943 to November 1945
March 1943 to November 1945
Typewriters March 1942 to April 1944

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Fuel Oil Ration Coupons

Dealers in fuel oil or their representatives are hereby authorized to deliver fuel oil to the above person or his agent for use at the above address, and are required to detach from this sheet coupons having a gallonage value equal to the quantity of oil delivered, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Office of Price Administration in effect at the time of such delivery.  At the time of delivery, the dealer or his agent must fill in the delivery record below.

Front of T Vehicle Ration Card for Truckers

Instructions on Ration Card

4.  "B," "C," and "T" coupons can be used only for gasoline transferred into the fuel tank of the vehicle, or a vehicle of the fleet, described on the front cover unless proper approval by a War Price and Rationing Board for bulk transfer is shown.

8.  "B," "C," and "T" ration holders.  You must surrender this folder and all unused coupons to your War Price and Rationing Board before selling your vehicle.  The purchaser will not be issued a gasoline ration unless he presents the receipt which you receive at time of surrender.

Reverse of T Vehicle Ration Card

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