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Publicity Stunt at Daulton Motor
Photo from May 20, 1949 courtesy of Colleen Daulton Killam

Everyone wanted to see the “Seaman of the Sealed Car” when Don Haynes of Ashland, Oregon, stopped in Ames at Daulton Motors, 110 Sherman.  Haynes had accepted a $25,000 bet that he could live for 14 months in his new 1949 Kaiser automobile with the doors welded and with bars over the windows.

Inscription on reverse of photo:
A 1949 model with doors welded shut and bars on windows was used in a nationwide trip publicizing the Kaiser and Frazer's comfort with back seat [able to] fold-down flat for sleeping.  The driver had been enclosed for several weeks when he visited Daulton Motor, 110 Sherman, Ames, Iowa...  The car had an Oregon license plate.  This photo was taken by Jack Adams, a 1949 graduate of Ames High School, in front of Daulton Motor.

Ames Daily Tribune,  May, 19, 1949

Don R. Haynes of Ashland, Ore., who is seeking to establish an endurance record of living for 14 months in a sealed automobile, will be a guest of Ames, at the Daulton Motors, from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday.  Haynes, a former Merchant Marine and truck driver, is taking all bets that he can execute this daring venture.  An Oregon rancher, E.B. Maulden, 79, and former world's champion rodeo rider, when he heard of Haynes plan, decided to place a wager at 25 to 1 grand.  Haynes promptly accepted, and the money is now on deposit in a local bank.

Haynes car, which is barred on all sides so that he cannot escape, is equipped so that he can enjoy some of the comforts of life while he is experiencing this strange and record-breaking venture.  They include: hot and cold running water, chemical lavatory, collapsing bed and mattress, radio, record player, public address system, cooking facilities, folding bath tub, electric shaver and blanket, exercise equipment, bureau, and many other conveniences.

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Don Haynes and his Kaiser at Daulton Motors in Ames, Iowa

AP News, Los Angeles, California,  November, 11, 1949

A 40-year-old engineer, who took a 25 to 1 bet that he can live for a year in an automobile, is on his way to Miami, Fla., today just 3½ months short of collecting $25,000.  Don Haynes of Ashland, Ore., has already logged 73,000 miles of driving in his sealed and barred sedan.  While in Los Angeles he tried to purchase a monkey for a companion.

Haynes began the venture last March after a friendly argument with E.B. Malden, wealthy Talent, Ore., cattleman.  Malden bet $25,000 to $1,000 that Haynes couldn't live for a year in his auto without squawking.  So fir, Haynes has covered 24 states.  He expected to visit them all before his year ends.  Robert Harms, also of Ashland, follows Haynes in another car and sees to it that Haynes gets proper food through the welded chrome bars on the car's windows.

The interior of the auto has hot and cold running water, a full length bed, chemical lavatory, collapsible bath, exercise equipment and even television.  Haynes said that since he started his trip his wife has given birth to their second child.

"But when I get out of this thing next year," he added, "we'll have $25,000 for the effort."

He said the money is on deposit in an Ashland bank.

The advertised $6,000 value of the Don Haynes 1949 Kaiser must include the many modifications that made it more suitable for this intended purpose.  A typical 1949 Kaiser DeLuxe Sedan started at $2,195.  Learn more about the 1949 Kaiser DeLuxe.   Learn more about the history of Kaiser Automobiles.

Advertisement from Charleston, West Virginia, February 16, 1950

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, Walla Walla, Washington,  May, 24, 1950

HAYNES HERE ON NEW ERRAND - Unusual missions have brought Don Haynes to Walla Walla twice and he'll be back Friday May 26, on still another unique assignment.  Haynes is the ex-merchant marine who rode around the country 13 months in a sealed car on a $25,000 wager which he gave up 12 days ahead of the stipulated 14 months when he realized he could not fulfill its terms.

Haynes now is collecting - of all things - the seats of pajamas belonging to governors of the 48 states for a patchwork quilt which will be auctioned off for the American Cancer society's cancer fund....

Roy C. Daulton's Daulton Implement, dealer for Allis Chalmers tractors and other farm machinery, became Daulton Motors when the business also offered Kaiser and Frazer automobiles.  Learn more about this Allis Chalmers implement dealership in Ames.  After 1955, when Kaiser no longer manufactured automobiles, the business once more was known as Daulton Implement.
This portion of a 1947 Sanborn Insurance map indicates where Daulton Motors was located, one block west of Duff Avenue.  Sherman Avenue no longer extends north of Lincoln Way.
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