Roger M. Goetz Chapter 43

Looking Back

by Roger M. Goetz



In this last chapter, I want to let my mother’s voice predominate by quoting two of her diary entries in their entirety.  It had been six weeks to the day since she had last written in her diary.  She paused to take pen in hand on Sunday, December 30, and wrote the following lengthy account:

We’ve had a busy six weeks past.  Had Mrs. and Eunice Schrein (student worker at church) over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Wrote dozens of notes and letters in Christmas cards and that took most of my spare time for 2 wks.

The week of Dec. 9 I started decorating the house and put up the Christmas tree for the Junior Chem. Circle party held here on Fri. Dec 14th evening.  It was fun but work too.

The week before Christmas I spent baking.  Had Pastor Fields and family for dinner Xmas Day.  No services Xmas Eve, so we read the Christmas story and sang carols before we opened the gifts.  The boys were thrilled – so was I – Daddy bo’t me an electric blanket.

Daddy was in Chicago Dec 26-27-28 on N. F. P. A. [National Fire Protection Association] business, working with Vic Williamson at Cardox.  Last evening (29th) we were to dinner at Schrein’s.  This p.m. we were at Neff’s Open House – their 25th wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow eve we are invited to Duke’s New Year’s Party and to dinner at Friedrichs on New Year’s Day.

Seems to me I’m missing recording important things–that is–things that concern the boys.  Oh, yes, Chuck went to his first formal Dec. 26 – the H. S. formal at the Union.  Genevieve Cheville asked him – for this party the girls do the inviting.  So he wore Daddy’s tux.  I took in tucks in the trouser waist.  Daddy is 38 in. and Chuck is 32 in.  The coat fit fine – just about – Chuck now weighs 150 lbs. and is 5 ft 9d in.  Roger is 4 ft 10¼ in. and weighs 107 lbs.

We conclude with Mom’s first entry of the new year, written on Friday, January 4, 1952:

Lots of snow today.  Chuck and Roger have been home with colds Wed – Th and Fri.  They quarrel and drive me to distraction.

Chuck said one day, "I’m not ever getting married.  It would save money.  I don’t want to buy fur coats."

Roger seems "a chip off the old block."  The milk was late today on acc’t of the snow and Roger says, "If he can’t bring the milk on time, I’d just tell him we’d get it from some other dairy."  That’s typical "Getz talk."

And so we leave this Fourth-Ward family during a lull in the whirlwind of their lives, knowing they have adapted to life in Ames.