Roger M. Goetz Chapter 04

Looking Back
by Roger M. Goetz



810 Ash Avenue - Aurora Kathrin Schanche, nee Kundert
     born 21 Oct 1900 in South Dakota
     married 26 Nov 1926, Yankton, SD, to James W. Scanlan (born 4 Dec 1893 in SD; died 11 Nov 1928)
     married 27 Dec 1937, Yankton, SD, to Arthur Norman Schanche (born 1 Feb 1897 in SD)
     Arthur Schanche was a widower when they were married (his first wife’s name was Violet).  In 1949, he was a physician and surgeon with Fellows, Rosebrook and Schanche.

816 Ash Avenue - Ruth Jameson, nee Clay
     born 22 Apr 1908; died 1 Apr 2000
     married 22 Jun 1931 to Walter Harold "Pele" Jameson Sr. (born 15 May 1907; died Jul 1984).  In 1949, he was the proprietor to two men’s clothing stores in Ames, one down town, one in campus town.
     Children: sons Walter Harold "Jamie" Jr. (1936-2009) and Benjamin Eugene "Benny" and later "Ben" (1940-1965), and daughter Mary Ruth

822 Ash Avenue - Sidonia "Dona" Helena Goetz, nee Heck
     born 22 Jun 1901; died 23 March 1996
     married 24 February 1934 to Charles Albert Getz later Goetz Sr. (born 7 Jan 1908; died 19 Aug 1985).  In 1949 he was a professor of Chemistry at Iowa State; the next year he was made head of the department.
      Children: sons Charles Jr. "Chuck" (1936-1987) and Roger

828 Ash Avenue - Bernice T. Neff
     born 15 April 1905; died 3 Jun 1993
     married to Jacob C. Neff (born 19 Feb 1899; died Jul 1969).  In 1949 he was the manager of Mutual Benefit Insurance Company (Ames Farm Loan Branch) at 421 Douglas
     Children:  Marian and Nancy, (college) students

834 Ash Avenue - Margaret Chivers
     born 22 Jul 1900; died Jan 1982
     married to Walter Harris Chivers (born 23 Dec 1892; died Apr 1964).  In 1949 he was a professor at Iowa State
     Children:  daughter Esther (college) student (she taught me how to play cribbage)

840 Ash Avenue - Elizabeth "Beth" K. Earl
     born 16 Jan 1909; died 1 Apr 2007 in California
     married to Fred A. Earl (born 21 Jul 1905; died May 1971 in California).  Sometime later he worked as a salesman at Nims’ Sportman’s of Ames (which opened in 1951).
     Children:  twin daughters Ruth and Jane, both of whom would one day dance with Fred Astaire

811 Gaskill Drive - Wilma Smith
     born 3 May 1906; died 27 Sept 1962
     married to Dr. Dwight A. Smith.  He was a veterinary professor at Iowa State and owned Smith Small Animal Clinic

817 Gaskill Drive - Harriet Hawkins
     born 19 Oct 1910; died Oct 1983
     married to Louis L. Hawkins

903 Gaskill Drive - Lydia L. Thielman
     married to Dr. Henry P.Thielman.  In 1949 he was a professor at Iowa State.

909 Gaskill Drive - Mildred Edgar
     born 2 Dec 1902; died Sep 1976
     married to Alvin R. Edgar (born 11 Jan 1903; died Oct 1975).  In 1949 he was the head of the music department at Iowa State.

915 Gaskill Drive - Fern A. Norton
     born 31 Aug 1899; died Jun 1986
     married to Robert A. Norton.  In 1949 he was an ag. engineer at Iowa State
     Children:  son Robert R. and daughter Marilyn J. (college) students

I do not remember whether Mrs. Waldo E. (Maude) McDowell, 2160 Country Club Boulevard, was a member of the group or not.  I think not, or, if so, not for long, but I’m not sure.  Her husband ran the McDowell Insurance and Real Estate Agency at 319 Main.